Emar and I sat down for a chat about their journey from running BodySync Co. to creating Peaceful Warrior and starting a cabinet making apprenticeship. Emar uses they/them pronouns and is currently living in Meanjin (Brisbane, Australia).

Bodysync Co. closed its doors after being the first LGBT+ studio gym in Brisbane.

I made the announcement on my socials in February. Even though I felt like it was already happening well before that. I was talking to my partner Keatyn, and the penny dropped that I desperately felt like I needed to close that chapter of my life. I needed something like Bodysync Co. which is why I created it back in 2018. I did so much to deliver Bodysync Co. – I completed courses, I watched endless YouTube videos, I read books on how to have a successful business, I ran campaigns, built my own website (before SquareSpace or Wix was a thing). It took me three weeks to write my first post on Instagram, that’s how challenging using ‘my voice’ used to be, let alone social media in general. I taught myself how to film and edit videos, I really expanded my skill set. But mostly, Bodysync Co. helped me medically and socially transition, it helped me get out of a toxic workplace which I would never have been able to transition in or exist in my non binary identity - you know when you're in a job that makes you feel so bad about yourself you don't know how you can do anything else? I would look for jobs online and I'd just feel so incompetent. My self-esteem was shot, I was exhausted and I couldn't see clearly. Bodysync Co. was a complete career change that I started slowly overlapping for about a year, taking clients on while still working there was difficult but necessary at the time. I just had to get through, I had to remind myself of what it was I was trying to achieve, build that fire of where I wanted to be and use it as inspiration to get to where I needed to go. When we think about the work we do, how much we're expected to achieve in this lifetime, there's so much pressure on having good relationships with food, family, friends, ourselves, exercise, etcetera. But we can try to meet these things with a different energy - your environment matters, your energy matters. We can still be tender and also be strong, we can be calm and still push ourselves, which is an idea that I’ve really put into practice over the years and I felt like I needed to teach other people how to exist in these polarities too. Or at least create space for that to happen while allowing someone's journey to be their own. At the time, I needed something external to focus on (Bodysync Co.), which felt really important, it gave me a sense of service towards the greater good, a sense of achievement and it really is so beautiful to watch something grow. I think on why the Bodysync Co. chapter was ending and it was because I got to a point where I loved myself enough where I could focus on myself FOR me. Not for Bodysync Co.’s success or for my clients. I really showed up for people. And I loved being there for all of them in all the ways that I did. But my identity was tied to my business.

After running the business for four years, things felt hard at Bodysync Co. I had this idea of ‘where I wanted it to be’ and it didn’t feel divine anymore. I kept pushing. I felt like the amount of effort I was putting into Bodysync Co. to get it where I wanted it to be, I just felt like I wasn’t getting anywhere close. I was always thinking it’s just around the corner, my break, it’s coming, I’ve just got to keep going. I had it all mapped out in my mind, I had a pinterest board and everything. I was so invested in it, but it was so hard. I then I got to a point where I thought, obviously it is not meant to be. Obviously I needed it for what I needed it for, to get me to this point in life and now I get to move on to my next stage, which after the frustration and all of those thoughts of “who am I now then?” has passed, it’s been incredibly freeing.

Eventually I was able to bring a new energy forward and that’s when Peaceful Warrior Training was created. It’s a purely online training environment for the cost of a regular gym membership. It’s where people have access to resources that would help them feel equipped to develop all aspects of their life - the physical, spiritual, emotional and mental. While having the advantage of having me as their coach at their fingertips. The image and our actual embodiment of a Peaceful Warrior is individual. But for me, it’s someone who is strong, calm, can think critically, is self-aware, has a sense of compassionate discipline for oneself, someone who is kind-hearted and a person who is willing to embrace all their shadow and their light to the best of their ability.

It’s aimed at LGBTIQ+ people and allies. It’s not EXCLUSIVE for LGBTIQ+ people, but it’s about creating a supportive community where people feel safe and if it attracts some supportive allies then that’s good too. Peaceful Warrior is slow but it’s meaningful, it doesn’t need to be a hustle. Everything is all already written in the stars anyway so it’s just trusting what will come will come. Here are the two rules for the Peaceful Warrior Training discord community: 1. This is an LGBT+ inclusive community created by people from all around the world. It is a blessing to be in anyone's life, so welcome your Peaceful Warriors with open arms.

2. Always consider how and what you share. We are creating collective energy and if what you are sharing is not an embodiment of honesty, compassion and for the highest good please refrain from projecting that onto others.

Now that I am also heading into my cabinetmaking apprenticeship I feel a sense of ease and balance in my life by still helping people cultivate deeper relationships with their internal and external world and I also get to build things. Things feel much more divine. If you would like to join Emar’s Peaceful Warrior Training community over in discord for $15AUD per month, follow the link at Peaceful Warrior.

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