Brenda Houghton

We had the honour of chatting with one of our followers, Brenda - a proud ally who at the time, struggled with her daughter coming out due to her fears about the society we live in. Through time and honest conversation, Brenda has never been more proud of her daughter.

"I was really shocked when Faith came out to me, and I struggled to accept the news. Never because I was ashamed of her, but because of how dangerous society is for someone like Faith. Society can be cruel and I really feared for her safety. I was one of the last people to know, because Faith knew I would blame myself. It was hard for a while. Faith and I talked about it fully only a few years ago, and it really brought us closer. It turned out that my fears were also her fears. I wrote Faith a letter, telling her that I loved her and that my love for her had not changed. That also helped bring us back together.
Faith is 33 now and is a very successful young woman. She is strong, capable, and an amazing Mum. As a parent you need to support your children, guide them on how to be safe, but treat them with the respect they deserve. I love Faith so much, and over time, my fears have been completely allayed.”

Thank you so much for sharing your story with us Brenda

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